he chateau fits into the French pre-Renaissance.
Since the middle of the 15th Century, it is, in south-west, an exceptional achievement of a deep change in the French architecture.
Is it a kind of prototype in the Quercynoise Architecture? No doubt about it! Why? Because it is a link between the Middle Age and the Renaissance.



The signs of it?

I - Splendid mullioned double-bars windows,

II - A magnificent carved entry door made of walnut wood, giving the illusion of a perspective (Italian inspiration),

III - An impressive spiral staircase, carved with geometrical motives on the reverse side of the sub-steps, which is a sole design in France,

IV - The signposting of the staircase by a pavilion roof (major architectural scheme in France in the 15th century)

V - Habitability and great comfort of the house thanks to the new organization of the space and the renunciation of the Middle-Aged rules and principles.